Away from the madding crowd. On the road less travelled. Sometimes, your place is the perfect location. It has meaning. It’s where you belong.

Imagine your wedding at that special spot where memories or family ties are powerful.  Perhaps it’s a place significant to you both. Or maybe you just have a whim to be wed somewhere novel.

Whatever your place of choice, together we can transform it into a wedding wonderland and present the most amazing food for you and your guests. And, yes, we mean anywhere: on the beach, in the hills, at a farm, in an old shed, at your family home or even a vacant block. If you can find it, we can make it work.

In the corporate world, your place can be as diverse and different as you imagine, allowing you to create truly distinctive product launches, showroom openings or large staff events/parties. We’ll bring our professional team and our superb food to your place, wherever it is, and ensure your event is all you hope for.

What makes Truffleduck and your place the perfect partnership for your next event? 

Our depth of experience means we can make a wedding or event work at almost any location. Who else can serve a brilliant, gourmet feast in the middle of a paddock, a parade of delicious canapés amongst a showroom full of shiny new cars or a myriad of hand-held mini meals to guests gathered in your nanna’s glorious garden? Our team is professional and practised – we know how to make it happen in any environment, any way you like.

Inspired? Ask us and discover more about creating a unique experience at your place.