Located in the historic Paper Mills site in Fyansford.


This space will take your breath away, raw stone walls, soaring ceilings and huge wooden beams create a canvas that is limited only by your imagination. This space takes on any identity you need it to, from sophisticated elegance on a grand scale to industrial chic, bluestone and timber meet crystal chandeliers, game over. Stylists, florists and photographers love this space and once you walk in you will understand why, but most importantly your guests will talk about being here forever. It is a unique space that longs to be given life in as many ways possible and you deserve to be part of this story. Talk to us about just how spectacular you want this to be because we can make it happen!


Lower Section - 200 guests 
Upper Section - 160 guests

Cocktail Style - 380 guests


Site 3a, 100 Paper Mills Road, Fyansford Victoria 3218

Weddings Geelong

Site 3a is unique and limited only by your imagination. Our team have created hundreds of distinctive and memorable ever-after days and our friendly wedding coordinators are a dream to work with. Every detail sorted. Every idea creatively translated into reality. Everything perfect.

Corporate Events Geelong

Nothing speaks more honestly to corporate Geelong than repurposed icons of past industrial pioneering spirits. Deakin, NDIA and Worksafe, all bringing new life to the buildings that were all the lifeblood of our City. So too the Barwon Paper Mills at Fyansford, an exciting new tenant, Truffleduck bringing 30+ years of event excellence to this historic site and it's yours to enjoy. Showcasing Geelong is something they do exceptionally well. Call us to discuss how an event partnership with Truffleduck will not only benefit your cause but will engage the Geelong supplier network and inspire your guests. Truffleduck, buying local, keeping it great and making it spectacular.

What makes Truffleduck and Site 3a the perfect partnership for your next event? 

What is your competitive advantage? Why will you be front of mind the next time a customer is looking to buy what you're selling? Create your point of difference by partnering with Truffleduck and hold you next event at Geelong's most stunning location.

Site 3a by Truffleduck generates genuine excitement no matter what the occasion whether it's a seminar, a marketing opportunity, a product launch or event, a staff training session or celebration Site 3a will engage your people.

Inspired? Ask us and discover more about creating a unique experience at Site 3a.